Chocolate Love

25 Mar

Welcome to Chocolate Explorer! I am going to use this space to share information about the many beautiful types of chocolate that are out there. There are many different growing regions, so there are distinctive differences between single origin and multi-origin chocolates. Mostly, I am going to discuss chocolate bars that have been developed for you instant enjoyment and not bakers chocolate. I will also be staying away from brands like Hershey and Nestles since, while they are classic, everyone has already tasted them and they are considered to be of fairly low quality. Also, this is not an advertising site, although I will tell you which chocolates I prefer, I will also be giving a flavor description and if you like berry undertones and I like caramel or peppery then you will be learning what you don’t want in addition to what you do want. If there is something that you thing I should investigate I would love a comment. What it comes down to is that I love chocolate and I want to share that love with everyone.

I will also be posting links relating to the entire chocolate making process, a bit of history, and some of the great projects involving sustainable chocolate production around the world, and maybe a little chocolate artwork.


One Response to “Chocolate Love”

  1. Andi March 31, 2011 at 8:06 pm #

    this is just swell! i love you. and i love that you love chocolate, and i love that you are writing about it.
    Squeeeeee at the moment i’m eating organic 74 Dark morsel myself and lovin! it! how many times can i say love in here. go chocolate. go YOU.

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