DAGOBA: xocolatl 74%

30 Mar

So just an interjection in Dolfin week. I read an article about Dagoba, an organic chocolate company started by Fredrick Schilling in his very own kitchen. He hand poured the bars for the first year and a half. He has moved on to other projects now, such as a new company he started called the Big Tree Climate Fund. He sold to Hershey, which was a bit controversial. He said that Hershey would be able to bring the organic product to hundreds of thousands of people with their reach, whereas he could only bring it to a few thousand.  There are many opinions on this issue. However, right now I want to talk about their most popular bar.

The Dagoba, xocolatl  is a dense bar of dark chocolate with chilies and nibs. The chocolate is velvety smooth, while there is the slight crunch of the nibs that add a nice nutty roundness to the initial fruitiness, a bit of pineapple, to the chocolate as it melts in your mouth. As the sweet, but not to sweet creaminess of the cocoa butter fades, the heat from the chilies kick in. Be ready for it. This is some spicy chocolate. Not for the feint of palate. Don’t feel bad if the astringency of the cacao and the spiciness make you a little parched. I would have a little water handy with this one. Also, the finish is a bit heavy on the bitters. It is made as a tribute to the rich history of cacao’s use in a hot spicy beverage of the Mayans and then the Aztecs called, you guessed it, xocolatl. The original beverage didn’t include sugar so the bitter, spicy finish seems an effective expression of the name.

Enjoy. A new classic. An ancient classic.


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