Chocolate can only be grown up to 20 degrees from the equator in the area that you can see above.The cacao plant originated millions of years ago in South America, east of the Andes. Since the plant evolved in the rainforest it requires a hot, wet environment and must be grown in the shade of other trees.

Brazil: Bright acidity. Well-balanced cocoa flavors. Often times with subtle fruity note.

Colombia: Moderately fruity, lightly bitter with deep cocoa flavor.

Costa Rica: Fruity with a balanced cocoa flavor.

Dominican Republic (Santa Domingo): Deep earthy flavor with fragrant tobacco notes.

Ecuador (Arriba): Fruit and well-balanced floral (jasmine flower) notes.

Ghana: Deep, classic cocoa flavor. Lends balance to more complex beans.

Indonesia (Java): Appealing acidity balanced with clean cocoa flavors.

Côte d’Ivoire: Deep, classic cocoa flavor. Lends balance to more complex beans.

Jamaica: Bright and fruity. Appealing aromas. Often reminiscent of pineapples.

Mexico: Bright acidity.

Madagascar: Light citrus flavors somewhat like tangerines, with bright acidity.

Panama: Classic cocoa flavor highlighted by subtle fruit and roasted nut flavors.

São Tomé and Principe: Classic cocoa flavor that’s very well-balanced.

Trinidad and Tobago: Complex fruitiness plus appealing spiciness such as cinnamon.

Venezuela: Complex fruit flavors that evoke ripe red plums and dark cherries.

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    This kind of exploration could get anyone off the couch.

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